The Big Easy Offer gives you choices on Microsoft products and solutions that fit your needs. For every qualifying product you purchase, Microsoft pays you partner subsidy funds that can be used with Ananke to help with the implementation of your Microsoft solution including software, hardware and services.
What is a Subsidy?

The subsidy is a check made out to Ananke that can be used to enrich and implement your Microsoft solution. The subsidy allows you to purchase additional products or services from Ananke, lowering your Total Cost of Ownership. You can increase your subsidy by choosing products from more than one product group; licenses with Software Assurance; and Advanced or Enterprise Editions.

How do I take advantage of the
Easy Offer 3.0?

•   Make a qualifying purchase between March 2 and
     June 26, 2009.

•   Redeem your purchase within 30 days of purchase date at

•    Receive your partner subsidy check from Microsoft.

•   Spend your subsidy funds with Ananke upon receipt. Please
     note that subsidy funds expire after 90 days of the check
     issue date.

    The Big Easy Calculator
Use the Big Easy calculator to help estimate the potential subsidy dollars you can earn with this offer.
How to use the Big Easy calculator
1. Select the license type for each product version.
2. select the product group from the second list.
3. Select the product from the third dropdown list.
4. Enter the number of licenses for each product
    in the worksheet below.

Click the icon to download the calculator.